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Sport is an integral part of our Australian education. Working on the philosophy that healthy bodies will nurture healthy minds all students at our school participate in sport at some level form KG to Grade 12


We as a school and a PE Team provide opportunities for students to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of physical activity, competition, teamwork and sportsmanship. All students being members of a HOUSE continues to development positive teamwork skill with healthy competition


VISS boasts a constantly evolving sports programme across Primary, Middle and Senior School. The programme is based around seasons in which teams compete in the local Emirates International Schools Sports Association (EISSA), with seasonal leagues and tournaments. This conference draws together a variety of the top international schools in the Emirate of Sharjah. VISS hosts many EISSA leagues and tournaments, which allow our students a myriad of sporting opportunities.


The House system consists of 4 houses -6 student representatives (House Captains) for each, 2 from senior school, 2 from Middle school, and 2 from Primary. House captains are responsible for fostering team spirit and running house events, which are sports oriented but also include events such as the talent show, chants reading challenge, scavenger hunt, incentives and many more.

There is an annual overall House winner every year who are presented with a  Championship cup and the House name on the House Honour Board.

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